WiFi Network Setup Help
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If you are having trouble getting a Wifi internet network working correctly, give me a call. I’ve been installing and troubleshooting networks for people for about 30 years now. I can usually solve the problem over the phone with you.

I help people with all kinds of network issues and internet issues.  You are probably very close to having it work, and may need a bit of help with the configuration.  I can walk you through that.

If you’d like some help getting your WiFi internet network working, give me a call! It is 100% risk free, and you only pay me by mailing me a check, if you are completely satisfied and happy to do so. We can do it over the phone, and if you need me to come to your Marin location that is no problem either.

The easiest thing to do is give me a call, and I will get it working for you!

Range extenders when installed correctly can help make a better network both in terms of coverage as well as quality. I have helped get internet in a home where it is needed the most and that is a great upgrade. Bluray players are great but if the movies buffers and stutters it makes the movie far less pleasant to watch. Properly installed with good coverage a wireless network can perform this task and make the experience seamless.

Ted’s clients stay with him for decades. (See the client video testimonials below.) Ted provides phone support, remote support and fast reliable technical support for all your devices. From desktop to laptop to tablets and beyond. Serving Marin since 1994 you can depend on Ted.

Ted says, “They call me Tech Marin.” and he will help you when others fail. Lets talk today !