October 2017 Newsletter

by Computer Repair on October 2, 2017

Sony SRS-SB10 Bluetooth Speaker review

Found this at Best Buy on sale for $39.00 – a little bit over what I wanted to spend BUT two features caught my eye or rather debit card.

First, the sound is good. Not tinny or distorted yet with great bass sound. The volume is loud enough and does not distort. Secondly it was the easiest pairing I have performed. One click on the phone and it was all done. Also the device supports “tap and pair” NFC pairing if your device supports that function.

The next feature is that you can “pair” two of these speakers for true stereo sound. That is a feature I have not found on low price speakers.

The device is waterproof and small enough to bring along. The battery life is rated for 16 hours. If you are looking for a bluetooth speaker I would put this one on the list !

World Wide Wonder!

https://www.stumbledupon.com is a web service that serves up random pages based on your selected interests. Just create an account and then check off things that interest you. From the toolbar click stumble to start the show.

Hero of the Day!

Carbonite backup service was used by one of my clients who was able to recover a document that was damaged. The document happed to be a creative work and thus not replaceable. Working with Carbonite we were able to bring back a prior version of the document and the day was saved.

Folks, we need backup and we also need to check to be sure the backup is working. We do this by deleting a file and then bringing it back from the backup — this is the real test and is the only way to know the backup is working. No one wants to do this until it is too late. Let us skip that moment of dread. Call me and I can help with this important test.

Feature update

The Amazon Echo device now supports the NPR One podcast app. Just say “Alexa play NPR “One” and enjoy the broadcast.

Thanks for reading and remember I love answering any questions you might have about technology.

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better performance using Linux

by Computer Repair on August 14, 2017

transferring 50 gigs of data from an internal sata drive to usb 3.0 stick under windows 2 hour estimate on windows. Under the Linux operating system the same data transfer was done in about 30 minutes.

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June 2017 Newsletter

June 21, 2017

IPHONE TIPS Tiny screens with tiny letters make tired eyes – this may help! Increase or decrease text size If you want to adjust the text size on your device for easier reading, then go to Settings and navigate to Display & Brightness > Text Size and adjust the slider to change the text size […]

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May 2017 TechMarin Newsletter

May 25, 2017

Welcome to the May 2017 TechMarin newsletter. I hope you find this tips to be helpful and welcome any and all questions ! GMAIL SEARCH TRICK TO HELP MANAGE YOUR INBOX. Got a lot of email and not sure what to do? here is a simple search feature to help manage your Inbox. In Gmail […]

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workorder 65790

April 18, 2017

client unable to obtain pdf from website. Website linked to google drive document and browser requested credentials for login. Presenting credentials at prompt resolved download conflict. Many times client contact me over the phone in order solve problems.

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workorder 2659

April 12, 2017

03-17-17 08:30 CALL LOG Client reports unable to print to EPSON wireless printer on LAN. Client reports HP Color Laserjet displays error code on control panel. RESULTS: Reconfigured printer to local area network and altered workstation to new printer configuration. Contacted HP technical support. Verified hardware failure under product warranty. HP is shipping replacement printer […]

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Newsletter 2017

April 12, 2017

WIRELESS PRINTER TRICK ADDS RELIABILITY Most devices get an address assigned to them automatically. However for devices that never leave the network like printers, a fixed address can help avoid printing problems. Most printers allow you to make this change via your web browser — Chrome or Firefox or Safari. With a permanent address even […]

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12-16 Newsletter

April 12, 2017

Shake Your Desktop Free of Clutter If you frequently run multiple programs simultaneously, your desktop can get extremely cluttered. This can get annoying if you’re working on one program and want to minimize all the other windows — in previous versions of Windows you had to minimize them individually. With Windows 7’s “shake” feature, though, […]

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03-17 Newsletter

April 12, 2017

USB Drives best friend, best enemy! Small, fast and convenient. USB drives make life easy for our data. However that ease comes with a small cost and if we follow a simple rule will make the most of our devices. Plugging in the USB drive is simple — once you do that, Windows takes care […]

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More thanks from clients

April 12, 2017

I can highly recommend Ted Potter not only technically as a Computer support person and repair man but also as a good human being. Rosemary, Terra Linda

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