October 2017 Newsletter

by Computer Repair on October 2, 2017

Sony SRS-SB10 Bluetooth Speaker review

Found this at Best Buy on sale for $39.00 – a little bit over what I wanted to spend BUT two features caught my eye or rather debit card.

First, the sound is good. Not tinny or distorted yet with great bass sound. The volume is loud enough and does not distort. Secondly it was the easiest pairing I have performed. One click on the phone and it was all done. Also the device supports “tap and pair” NFC pairing if your device supports that function.

The next feature is that you can “pair” two of these speakers for true stereo sound. That is a feature I have not found on low price speakers.

The device is waterproof and small enough to bring along. The battery life is rated for 16 hours. If you are looking for a bluetooth speaker I would put this one on the list !

World Wide Wonder!

https://www.stumbledupon.com is a web service that serves up random pages based on your selected interests. Just create an account and then check off things that interest you. From the toolbar click stumble to start the show.

Hero of the Day!

Carbonite backup service was used by one of my clients who was able to recover a document that was damaged. The document happed to be a creative work and thus not replaceable. Working with Carbonite we were able to bring back a prior version of the document and the day was saved.

Folks, we need backup and we also need to check to be sure the backup is working. We do this by deleting a file and then bringing it back from the backup — this is the real test and is the only way to know the backup is working. No one wants to do this until it is too late. Let us skip that moment of dread. Call me and I can help with this important test.

Feature update

The Amazon Echo device now supports the NPR One podcast app. Just say “Alexa play NPR “One” and enjoy the broadcast.

Thanks for reading and remember I love answering any questions you might have about technology.

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