May 2017 TechMarin Newsletter

by Computer Repair on May 25, 2017

Welcome to the May 2017 TechMarin newsletter. I hope you find this tips to be helpful and welcome any and all questions !


Got a lot of email and not sure what to do? here is a simple search feature to help manage your Inbox. In Gmail use this search operator to filter out what you are looking for.

Example: older_than:24m

Just type that in the search bar in Gmail and you will see only those emails that are older than two years. Once you have that filter in place you can select all and delete them or file them, etc.

This tip will do the same thing for those emails older than fifteen days:


And this one will find those emails for both date and if they have an attachment. Very Nice!

newer_than:5d has:attachment

Remember gmail offers you the full power of the Google search engine for your email!


First, click the Windows 10 Start Menu and type Netplwiz. Select the program that appears with the same name.

This window gives you access to Windows user accounts and many password controls. Right at the top is a checkmark next to the option labeled “Users must enter a username and password to use this computer.” Uncheck that.

When you click “Apply” it will prompt you for your current password. Enter it twice and you’re finished. The next time you reboot, or your PC wakes up from a nap, you’ll no longer need to type in your password.

Is this a secure action to take? NO. Can it make your life easier and in some cases actually make the computer more usable? YES, losing a login password to Windows can be a very messy situation, since most times no recovery option has been enabled.

PS This also works on Windows 7


Use The Volume Up Button To Take Photos With Your iPhone or iPad !

This may be too basic of a tip for most of you, but there’s bound to be a few folks out there who haven’t heard this one. I ran into someone in real life (gasp!) the other day who hadn’t known that he could hold his iPhone in landscape mode, like a real point and shoot camera, and click the button now located in the upper right of the iPhone to take a photo.

It’s super simple to do. Just rotate the camera clockwise to the right from a portrait orientation (Home button on the bottom). This will be easier if you’re a right-handed person, of course, but you can hold the iPhone with either hand this way, leaving your second hand to either stabilize the device, tap on the touchscreen to create a focus point, or just keep it warm in your pocket. Take the photo with the Volume up button, now the button furthest to the top right of your reoriented iPhone.


How to Turn Off Auto-Correction

Hate the fact that your phone is going English teacher mode on you? Turn off auto-correction for peace of mind when texting.

Go to Settings > Language & Input.
Tap on the settings icon next to the keyboard that you are using, e.g. Google Keyboard.
Look for Auto-Correction and tap on it.
Select Off to turn Auto-Correction off.

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