downloading gmail

by Computer Repair on October 23, 2014

Google lets you download your entire mailbox. While it can take a little time this feature is well worth it. Being able to data mine your email on a local machine offers a lot of flexibility in terms of the tools you can use on this file.

You can now cut and paste images within a gmail message ! That feature should save you some keystrokes :-) Also be sure to look at your storage options. Getting more gmail space is simple and very affordable.

News you can use. Want to use duel monitors ? we just installed a great device that converts USB to VGA and lets you run two monitors ! The only down side is that once you try this setup you will want it for all your devices.

FYI  most home routers have two separate logins. One is for the router and one is for the wireless access. These are not the same. The first one allows you to program the router. The last one allows use of the internet via wireless signal. Of course since you would be logged in to the network you could then access the first login protocol and program the router that way. I prefer to use a wire myself in case things go wrong.

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