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by Computer Repair on June 23, 2013

Exactly what the facts is……

The story read IRS chief visits the White house 157 times. That statement made within the context of the IRS targeting “scandal” implied that some special relationship must be happening given the number of visits the IRS chief made. That sounds plausible, There is however one little problem with this “fact” The chief of the IRS was placed on 157 attendee lists for 157 events. However this was done in anticipation that the IRS chief may want to attend an event, so his name was placed on the list. This list however is an “invited list” so in the event the IRS chief did attend he would be able to be accommodated.  As it turns out the chief of the IRS did visit the whitehouse. How many times ? eleven.  Yes that is right. Sorry Bill your total BS fails the smell test and we truly wished never to have smelled it. Now on with the tech news.


Found this one over on :AT&T started charging an extra 61 cents per line on May 1. The company calls this fee a “Mobility Administrative Fee,” and it’s careful not to include it in the same section of the bill as the standard service fee. As a result, it lists the charge “below the line” with other taxes and surcharges at the bottom of the customer’s phone bill.

As you point out 61 cent probably won’t break the bank in terms of your monthly budget, but the fee, which is charged to each and every consumer wireless line, including each line on a family plan, adds up to big bucks for AT&T. TheWall Street Journal, which first reported the news of the new fee, estimates that AT&T could generate $350 million in extra revenue this year and $518 million next year. Oh and let us not forget our dear land line lovers. Now if you want to pay your bill at a “payment center” expect to pay a one dollar “service charge” for the privilege of paying your bill. Also you must have the paper bill in order to make a payment at a payment center. So much for being green.


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