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by Computer Repair on June 2, 2013



California Senate passes bill to curb prescription drug abuse

Or to put it another way the law makers have agreed to give themselves further authority to examine your personal medical records in order to discipline, suspend, arrest your Doctor in the event they determine some level of abuse is occurring. However I would argue those doctors who do abuse the system do so to fill a need and the need will not be abated by punishing the enabler’s involved. Thus the real intent of this law is to continue to increase the government ability to gather personal data on you. I propose all three bills be killed and the money proposed to fund these bills be used in the medical treatment of drug abuse.

Now back to the tech talk.

SAN RAFAEL: Well no proof positive however we can report the following and note this is the THIRD incident I have come across. Mysteriously our DSL line started misbehaving including dropping our download rate from a rock steady 5.5 to 1.5 to 3 at best and the upload speed jumping to as high as 1.7 our line was rated at 6/768 elite service and it helped that our CO is located in the same business park. The provider of course blamed the internal network and walked away.  The fastest and simplest move was to switch to the u-verse service and sure enough we now get 9+/.9 on the exact same line. A fast check shows we now have the ADSL2+ service. So they continue to degrade the current service and force a change over. From a network operator point this makes perfect sense, you can never get the user community to migrate on their own – a sharp stick is needed.

AMAZON – Amazing ! So I was streaming amazon on Saturday late afternoon and discovered this movie. I checked it out and the movie I got was not the movie that was listed. Being frustrated I clicked the feed back link and wrote a brief but blasting comment. Checking my email 1/2 hour later I got this response:

I’m sorry that your video “Digby Rumsey presents. (From around the World)” isn’t the actual video it said in the description. I’ll be completely honest, I really don’t think this was intentional and it’s something that needs to be fixed. So, I submitted a ticket about this video to our Amazon Instant Video development team, so they can look over getting it fixed. It may take a bit, because they’ll have to get in contact with the content provider and request a new copy of the film, but we’ll definitely get this fixed. If for some reason reason it is supposed to be like that, I’ll submit info that maybe the description needs to be changed quite a bit. Sorry it wasn’t very enjoyable.  I’d suggest trying the video in a couple of days, usually about a week, possibly a little bit longer,  because it can take time to get a new copy. Hopefully it’ll be up soon and you can enjoy it.If you have any future questions, please do not hesitate to contact us again by phone, e-mail or chat using the support link below.

BEST SERVICE EVER – TEN STARS FOR AMAZON SUPPORT TEAM. A real response, real fast and spot on to correcting the problem.


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