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by Computer Repair on May 26, 2013

Great praise for one of the latest linux releases. Time to move ? Read this article and you may find it is possible to do much better than Windows or Mac. Link:

The lastest Chrome beta release is out and is touting a new notification center that will include “richer” options for all your alerts. Linux and Mac are coming soon. So if we wait just a bit all of us San Rafael linux users will be able to check out this new notification system.

Looking for some mac help or just interested in learning more about the mac ? For our San Rafael mac users here is a link to a very interesting and useful site. Don’t worry this is a trusted source !

The logitech harmony series of remote controls are impressive. If you truly wish to have literally ONE remote for ALL your devices this product is for you. I’ve used the lessor $79,00 model and let me tell you it is a dream come true. Now logitech has topped its offering with the latest in this product line. So if your in San Rafael and tired of device juggle check out this review:,2817,2419257,00.asp?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&

While I was on my windows platform for some time (Another horror story but proof positive that if you care at all about internet access check your location CAREFULLY – you can still get in a dead zone) in any event I signed up for a netflix streaming account. Eventually I returned to my workstations and learned netflix won’t stream to a linux box, because well no one knows why they don’t support linux – amazon certainly does as does Hulu and a host of other sites. So I was ready to kill my account and reclaim my $8 per month and if nothing else hop over to paid hulu. Right before I was ready I decided one more google would not hurt – and oh lordy if some genius or two had conquered the problem. YES you can now have netflix streaming on linux even if netflix does not support it directly ! here is the link you need to do this:        Thanks to those folks who made this possible. PS wake up Netflix.

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