San Rafael local Tech Talk III

by Computer Repair on May 30, 2013

WiFi Site Survey by WiTuners (Android)

A very handy tool to have, when you want the nitty gritty low down on your wireless situation. It pokes and prods and produces detailed information, lets you make maps and generally geek out over your wireless network environment. For free from the google play store it is worth the clicks.

# 2 app. While I shy away from AT&T this is the site they use and well the graphics are Sci Fi cool. It keeps a log if you need that and has a nice list of servers to use. From the google play store of course.

NO GOOGLE FIBER FOR MARIN ! From cnet Google talks about the fiber service. Wondering why they are not doing this here in Marin or SF or the bay area ? well the answer was “It is easy to install fiber in Kansas. It’s harder in CA. I’m going for easy. Actions have consequences. (I’m paraphrasing a bit)

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