Tail of two networks

by Computer Repair on March 22, 2013

Netgear WNDR3400v2 router: After switching out of AT&T Elite DSL service (now obsolete) I picked up this unit at the local Best Buy. This is a N series router and includes offering up a guest wireless network. That way I don’t have to expose my household network password to friends and guests who happen by. Also in my setup the guest network can only access the internet and not any of my local computers / printer etc. This was all inspired by me moving and not having internet. Fortunately a neighbor who did offered me access to his wireless network. Now that I am up and running we agreed that if one line went down we would switch over to the one that works. This is very nice since we both use different carriers, so it’s most unlikely that both will be down. Now I have redundant internet access. Some of you will thirst for that I bet, and it can be as simple as meeting your neighbor.

Next week I’m taking a look at the business DSL market – where it is and what it can do for us. For those who saw it xplorer2 has announced a new release and free upgrade for select clients.

xplorer² version 2.3 was recently released. It features a multi-purpose box next to the addressbar for easy filtering, selecting and searching for items. Users of the ultimate edition will benefit from improved local network file searches.

You can find more information on v2.3 clicking here ».

If you own a valid key for v2.x then this is a free upgrade for you. The easiest way to upgrade would be to use Help > Check for updates menu command in your existing xplorer², then follow the instructions. This will help you get the upgrade for the xplorer² variety you have installed (32/64 bit, professional/ultimate etc).

Thanks for your time folks and if you’ve a question or two I am right here at (415) 479-4548

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