TechMarin Newsletter # 2

by Computer Repair on February 28, 2013


Xplorer2 File and Data Management for Windows

If you love being organized you have probably spent a good deal of time and effort in collecting, storing and managing your files, folders and documents. You have also cursed silently during your efforts when Windows Explorer falls short of your expectations and needs. Changing views, separate windows for comparing and being unable to save a customized view are but a few of the shortcomings of Windows Explorer.

Enter Xplorer2 from Zabkat Software (  If hindsight is 20/20, then we all benefit from this program that removes the weakness and puts in the power we need to manage large volumes of data, file and folders.  Designed as a full replacement for Windows Explorer, my power users tell me this program has speeded up their workflow and increased their ability to get things done as well as bringing relief to the painful limits of Windows Explorer.

If hope springs eternal the FREE 21 day trial should put that smile on your face as well as the fact that the program has received a lot of positive attention and comes from a company who has been developing this since 1999.

Quick Tip:

We may have lost the paper but we still fill out the forms. Online forms are just a way of life now and here is a tip to make filling these out much easier. The tab key will take your cursor from the current field to the next. So if you are in the First Name field, enter your name and then simply hit the TAB key. This will place your cursor in the next field for entry.  Need to go back?  SHIFT TAB will take the cursor to the previous field.  No need to mouse around trying to line up the mouse and cursor with the form field – just use TAB and SHIFT TAB to navigate around. You will love the simplicity and the mouse won’t miss the constant shove and push.  PS when the cursor goes to a field already filled in you do not need to delete the text already there. Simply start typing and it will be replaced for you with the new entry.

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