Netflix fails on linux, Amazon rocks it

by Computer Repair on February 22, 2013

Sad to see Netflix still does not support linux for playing. Tsk Tsk netflix. Amazon however does work just fine on Ubuntu and I am very happy to see that. Wake up Netflix, you must change for the world and not expect the world to change for you. Are you stuck on the old my way or the highway model promoted by Microsoft right to their death knell ?

Speaking of Microsoft seems they too are taking off to the cloud offering up the Office Suite as a cloud application. Is that like putting wings on a Tyrannosaurus Rex and expecting it to fly ?

Mean while back at the ranch AT&T has dumped DSL for the hybrid U-verse service. No hope for me as my DSL was going at 6mb down 786 up – the so called Elite service. Funny though as soon as AT&T brought in the u-verse my speeds degraded to 3mb on a good day. Of course this change had nothing to do with the new service or so I was told. I’ll let the numbers speak for themselves and the fact that I left for cable land and am feeling much better thank you.

Look Ma ! no hands. The Plantronics CT14 is a brilliant and cost effective cordless headset that includes just about every feature you can use. Such as call waiting, caller id, caller id waiting. Phone book, phone log. This is one great phone in addition to being cordless and hands free.

Microsoft has released the replacement email system for the service. Called (how else?) this is yet another move to the cloud world we all seem to be headed for. You may want to grab your address to ensure a smooth transition. At this point Microsoft is offering unlimited storage (really) and yet if your go in to your account settings there is a billing option and I am sure that was no mistake. Welcome to the machine all your Microsoft fan boys and if you got em, smoke em.


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