Oh on what dare I click next ?

by Computer Repair on September 24, 2012

So much as to be the center point. Can you visualize this mass swirl of electronic data representation we call the internet. Like in the middle are swarms of data waves, twits and facebooked and hundreds of post to local forums, national forums, private forums. Blogs and blog comments, likes and favorites pictures of you and your pictures floating about in some data mining search engine to pop up an alert on your cousins screen who is following you. With a sudden turn your watching a famous TV show from the 60’s. Then turn again and watch an actual heart surgery. Or delivery. Or TMZ and the buzz goes on.

Another flick and your seeing Mars being explored while deciding who is in fact American Idol, a robbery down the street or a tsunami that is still six hours away from your coast line. You might be watching a concert from your favorite band played twenty years ago – from a show you never go to. Or the final stroke on that PGA tour, the first event of the Olympics coming from a town and even country you may never set foot on while making dinner reservation or just ordering a pizza for pickup.

To be able to learn just about anything from comfort meatloaf to advanced mathematics, touch typing, song writing, music playing ritual rites to spiritual paths  to knot tying business building building buildings or solar panels or how to grow peas in your kitchen or how to get rid of fleas on your kitten.  You can video chat or learn to track scat. Stay in touch or charter a bus while buying roses for her birthday.

While I write down the secret family recipes orders for troop movements are being finalized and thousands of millions of orders of payments of deposits of transfers and the final draft of a treaty is saved to some disk somewhere. To finally my payment confirmation is received, the kids have text on the way home and I am assured via twitter my pizza will be here within the next thirty minutes or it will be free.

Oh on what dare I click next ?


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