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by Computer Repair on April 30, 2012

Web Economy

Wal-Mart has started a new program that merges web shopping with our intense gotta have it now drive. Shop online and select the cash payment option. Drive to the store, pay for your stuff and get on home. I can see three direct benefits of this type of program:

1. No online payment information to worry about
2. No shipping cost and no waiting for the delivery
3. Real time web purchasing, ie find, click and pick up

If they handle this correctly I predict this will take off like wild fire. After all getting someone in to the store is one thing but getting them into the store after already having purchased something is another thing entirely.

The Giga Cam

Alright everyone look into the camera and say “Cheese Whiz!” That is what you just might end up saying if you’re staring at the world’s largest digital camera. How big ? really big. Really really really big. Check these specs out:

189 sensors and will provide more than 3 gigapixels per image, that is gig not meg.
Survey the entire sky every three nights, creating the equivalent of 800,000 8-megapixel images and gathering 30 terabytes of data every night. Of course weighing in at 3 tons you would expect nothing less including being able of capturing an area 49 times the size of the moon in a single image. Let’s just hope they keep the thing pointed at the sky !


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