I fix infected computers in San Rafael

by Computer Repair on April 20, 2012

The headline reads “Hundreds of thousands may lose internet in July”

Apparently the FBI caught a group of bad guys who manage to infect over 586,000 computers, or rather those computers using the list of ip addresses.

The scam involves tricking your computer in to thinking it is working with a legit DNS system but it is not. It is using DNS servers set up by the bad guys.

So the FBI caught the bad guys and then they realized that if they turned off these computers all those people would not be able to use the web. So they called in an expert and he setup “good”
servers to replace the bad guys servers. Well that can only go on for so long and so now the FBI is giving notice to those who are infected to clean up things or well no web for you.

You can go to this site to check and remove this problem:


Currently the FBI estimates about 85,000 computers are infected here in the USA. So don’t wait until the lights go out. I’d like to see every computer in San Rafael be free of this problem. So give me a call if you’d like me to help you check this out.

PS for more details you can click to:

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