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by Computer Repair on April 18, 2012

In my quest to be of meaningful and valuable service to my friends, I’ve been investing time just about every morning dwelling on you and the others on my “short list”.  I’m asking myself how I can be of more service, helping you use technology with more joy, more effectiveness, and less fear and frustration.  Last week’s projects involved helping people integrate their TV’s (of all things) with their computers and phones, and even getting those pesky remotes to work properly.

Meanwhile, the web-o-sphere expanded by another gigopercent, and there is all this cool stuff popping up that may be fun for you.  I’m interested in what you noticed, and what you would like to see happen for you, considering that just about anything is within reach nowadays.

I know you want all that cool stuff making your life zippier than the old cartoon series, The Jetsons.  Sometimes your appetite for rapid progress leads you to bite off a bit more than you can chew!

NEVER FEAR, TED IS HERE!  Remember, I am here for you, and I fix most computer problems over the phone in under an hour.  Never hesitate to call me at (415) 479-4548, and I will get it all put back together for you!

Yeah, let me know what what grabs your imagination out there, and don’t be afraid to try new stuff.

Meanwhile, here’s what I noticed this week:

Gmail tip of the day:

Don’t worry about losing messages as you compose them — Gmail automatically saves drafts every few minutes. If you’d like to save a draft manually, just click Save Now above the message you’re composing, or press Ctrl+S when your cursor is in any of the text fields (Cmd+S for Macintosh users).

Internet Information tip:

Do you like to watch documentary videos for free?  Here is a fine collection, all available online for your viewing pleasure:

From the leading edge:

Google Chrome 18 web browser released (and it is fast):

What was that? It happened so fast I blinked and the web page was loaded! You might well find yourself saying the same thing after using the latest version of Google Chrome.

They increased the graphic hardware acceleration and added a number of supported video cards. Also security has been increased including sandboxing and malware detection. Of course Chrome works with and supports HTML 5.  If you’re looking for the fast track you may want to give this free application a try – heck even installing the program is fast !

PS – Did you know some of the toolbars in your browser actually get populated from servers on the internet?  And so while you might think “xxx” browser is really slow, what is really happening is that you’re waiting for some server somewhere to complete its task. So if you don’t use them you might want to remove or disable those toolbars that serve no purpose.

iPad tips:


Need to view PowerPoint files?  SlideShark allows you to download and view PowerPoint slide shows on your iPad. Just upload the presentation and then use SlideShark application to download and view it. SlideShark keeps all the existing fonts, colors and animations allowing you to use the full capabilities of PowerPoint. On the iPad 2 or 3 you can also use it with projectors. SlideShark also lets you you share your presentations with other people on their devices. You can get the free app on the iTunes app store.


PDF files are a way of life and with goodreader you will have a state of the art PDF reader. This app has been rated #1 and will turn your iPad in to the business tool it was meant to be. You can download files directly from the web, snatch them from your email attachments, pick them out of your Dropbox, use a usb cable or even wifi if your other device is on the same network.


Like a third arm, the hover bar allows you stand your iPad on a desk or a cabinet or any other surface you can think of thus freeing your hands. Fully adjustable and strong enough to be worry free your productivity will soar once you get both hands available to use with your iPad.

You might also want to checkout the BookArc, a simple elegant device for (as they say) “the perfect way to hold your iPad when you’re done holding your iPad.” Use this with a keyboard and be the Boss at your local cafe…..


Don’t cave in to those bossy PC’s. Instead of asking someone to print something for you on their workstation, just plug in your XPrintServer and print directly to your network printers from your iPad. This handy device works with the iPhone as well offering you a complete printing solution.

Remember, I am here for you, and I fix most computer problems over the phone in under an hour.  Never hesitate to call me at (415) 479-4548, and I will get it all put back together for you!

Your friend,

Ted Potter

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